Senior Year: One semester down, one to go.

As this leg of my education comes to a close, it’s time to reflect.  My first semester of my senior year.  I was under the impression that senior year would be a cake walk, and it has been quite the opposite.  But, all that aside, I have learned a tremendous amount this semester, both in […]

Holy cow I have a twin!

Okay, so that is false. But I will say this, my tour of RFB Communications is making me think twice about whether or not I have additional siblings. Sandy, a senior account executive at RFB, could very well be my long lost sister. The entire time she was talking to us about not writing crappy […]

Detroit what?

Hello world, this is my official Detroit blog. I need a break from writing a paper, so I’m writing during my writing break… Weird, but this is fun writing, not situation analysis writing ::cringes:: I wish the Conference could be summarized in a simple paragraph, or maybe even a couple of words, but that would […]


Okay so I don’t know why I waited so freaking long to join PRSSA… I guess it was a little bit of everything I went through last year with moving and relationships and all that jazz, but regardless, I joined. Today we had the Open House meeting and there were a TON of people there. […]