Why We Chose the Omega VRT350HD

Note: we paid for our juicer fair and square. Omega is not paying me to write this post. This is me, spewing mad love for my Omega VRT350HD since so many people have emailed and Facebooked me about what’s what and what kind of juicer they should get.  I don’t know if it’s just because […]

Our Local Market

Since we got the juicer earlier in the month, we’ve been hitting up the Plowboys Market in Murrieta, CA, twice a week for our produce fix. In the Adventures in Juicing, Day 1 post, I rattled off an extensive list that cost us just $30-something. I’m half surprised to say that juicing has been an […]

Adventures in Juicing: Day 1

I am going to venture to say that I would probably be okay drinking juice for the rest of my life. Chewing is totally overrated. Since we moved to California and met a handful of colleagues who have juicers, we’ve been doing some research. If you are considering the whole juicing thing, there’s a lot […]