From mentee to mentor – an interesting change of pace.

I’ve talked about how important it is to find a mentor, in fact, it happens to be one of my favorite topics. Without the handful of people that are invested in my success, I’m not entirely sure that I’d be where I am today. I can tell you that without Penelope Trunk, my resume would […]

Millenials and our happiness

On the front page of the RedEye, there is a delightful little sneak peak into the lives of Millenials. The secret is out- we’re happy. According to a study that is somehow affiliated with MTV (not sure about this one), 73% of people 18-24 are generally happy with life. I would venture to guess that […]

“I’m an ENTJ”

That’s my new response for nearly anything regarding my personality traits. Starting now. Well, I don’t know that I’ll say it out loud, but I’ll definitely think it. I very rarely take personality tests, and when I do, I very rarely take them seriously. But the profile for ENTJ is so eerily accurate, I can’t […]

Finding a balance (part two)

Today I experienced a phenomenon that I didn’t really anticipate. Today I felt like a rookie.  For so long, I’ve kind of been the go-to gal for various things. At school, I was the go-to gal on my team for my capstone course because I was the account exec for our client. So everyone came […]

A Social Media How To: Jumpstart your career (part two)

Let me preface this post with this. In order to maximize your success, you need a mentor. Read up on how to get one and then actually put in the leg-work. Part one of this series talked about building your network. Use those principles when finding a mentor as well. Part Two – You have […]