We’ll be Four Seasons guests for life.

This is a story all about how (… not Fresh Prince-style, but kinda) the Four Seasons is excellent at what they do, offline and online. I’m a sucker for a consistent brand experience. Think, Chipotle for food, and Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and Norwegian Cruise lines to name a few excellent travel experiences as of late. […]

Wedding Update: Vows, the “Dress” and #BlakeSheltonCruise

One month from today I’ll wake up (in a super sweet bed at the Four Seasons Denver) a married woman. Likely a hungover married woman, but married. And I don’t think it will be much different than it always is. See, that’s the thing. Everyone keeps saying things like “oooh, enjoy your time while you […]

Doing it “our way”

As we’ve been planning and announcing and adjusting our wedding plans, I’ve had at least eleventy billion people (give or take) tell me or B, “I think it’s so cool that you’re doing this your way” with regards to the wedding. Which is awesome. But then I wonder, is there any other way? Do people […]

Wedding Update: @FSDenver, @GABF, and #BlakeSheltonCruise.

Holy smokes, kids, it’s just over two months until B and I tie the knot, get hitched, make this official. Whoa. An update on things as they’ve been coming together: WEDDING The kind folks at SkyVenture Colorado have graciously accepted to wed us in the tunnel, sans wind, on October 11. We’re pretty stoked about […]