I’m moving out.

It’s been close to seven years. I started in Florida, then Chicago, then Austin, then middle-of-nowhere Illinois, and now glorious SoCal. Over the last seven years I’ve learned a lot about myself. This is a story I’ve told a bazillion times, but if you’re new here, I’ll get you caught up. Let’s talk labels: in […]

He sees the best in me.

June 11th is the day I met Barry. July 10th is the day I consider our dating anniversary, since that was the first day we could actually be together. The part that has ruled the story I’ve always told was that July 10th was also the day I earned my USPA A-License for skydiving, but […]

I turn 30 in 31 days.

I’ve never really given a shit about how old I was. Actually, that’s kind of a lie. I gave a shit when I couldn’t drive, couldn’t vote, couldn’t drink legally. I definitely cared about how old I was when I was 12 AND A HALF. I had a “quarterlife” crisis at 25 – I had […]

When the wool comes off of your eyes.

You’re a smart person. Educated. Assumingly well-versed at this thing called life. You make opportunities happen – the world is your oyster. What you want, you get, and you stop at nothing to make the world that surrounds you exactly what you want at that precise point in your life. It’s not being stubborn, it’s […]