In which I attempt to recap SXSW.

A week ago today, I was on my way to the Austin Convention Center to do some final rounds of networking and maybe catch a panel or two before hitting the road back to Illinois. I had my car mostly packed, and the plan was to go to the convention center, grab breakfast, hang out […]

In which I’ve come full circle. Full. Circle.

So, like a year (give or take a couple days) ago, I had my alarm set for 8:05 to meet the likes of Ben Smithee and his Spych crew in the lobby at the Hilton in Austin. I woke up, having been innocently overserved at the Brazen Careerist meetup, at Jason Falls’ party, and an […]

25 Things: An Update.

So, as it turns out, I kinda suck at the whole actually-executing-all-25-things-on-my-list-of-things-I’m-going-to-do-while-I’m-25-thing. I’ve crossed five off the list in the first six months. Mind you, the five that I’ve plowed through are all pretty awesome, and I’m not by any means upset about this, but I think it’s high time I revamp my list. So, […]