We’ll be Four Seasons guests for life.

This is a story all about how (… not Fresh Prince-style, but kinda) the Four Seasons is excellent at what they do, offline and online. I’m a sucker for a consistent brand experience. Think, Chipotle for food, and Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and Norwegian Cruise lines to name a few excellent travel experiences as of late. […]

Brand Haiku: Chipotle

A little back story: I used to be a student brand manager for Chipotle at USF. The other day, I ventured in for my usual: a chicken salad with black beans, veggies, corn salsa, regular salsa, cheese and guac, with sour cream on the side. Everyone and their mom says that Chipotle is horrible for […]

Finally, a little #SXGenY love!

Nearly two months to the day of our SXSW debut, the podcast is up for Why Gen-Y Wants to Work “With” You vs. “For” You. Click here to have a listen! With that, I say: “Get on the boat!” And there’s video (this one is the long one). And there’s more video (this one is […]

Just so you know…

Things are going to be changing around here. I’ll keep you posted. Until next time, email me with any thoughts, ideas, comments, concerns, any feedback you may have about the future content that will live here. Thanks for being here!

From A to B: Part Four – network your face off.

You need to network your face off. If you’re scared to meet new people, you need to get over that. Today. Use social media to find people you’d like to work with. The most important thing you can do for your career is find people to connect with (via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever your medium […]