Internship Update

As I come into my second month here at Moffitt, I figured I’d update what life is like in the day of a Moffitt media relations intern. Today, for example, I picked up where I left off with my current projects. I am currently writing three releases, all different in their own right. Recently, a […]

Respect at Work

So the two areas of work I’ll ever blog about are bartending (to pay for school) or my internships (to make school worth it). Today: Bartending I’m new to the full-time bartender scene, but I’ve been with my current restaurant for over two years. I can honestly say that I love my job. Saying it’s […]

Detroit what?

Hello world, this is my official Detroit blog. I need a break from writing a paper, so I’m writing during my writing break… Weird, but this is fun writing, not situation analysis writing ::cringes:: I wish the Conference could be summarized in a simple paragraph, or maybe even a couple of words, but that would […]


So the PRSSA National Conference in Detroit was an experience and a half. I learned a lot, dealt with some drama reminiscent of high school, and explored a new city and a new country (Canada). More on that later, and probably not here. The thing that struck me as odd however, is the man next […]

Moffitt here I come!

For those of you that don’t yet know, I was selected for the media relations internship at Moffitt Cancer Center. I have orientation on Monday and start bright and early Wednesday morning. WOOHOO! And though I wasn’t chosen for Bateman, I am marketing chair for PRSSA – so I help out Mr. Nate with all […]