Up and running, kinda.

Welcome everyone, to SydneyOwen.com! I am pleased to introduce you to my blog, version 2.0. This is the second new look since it’s inception in October – and with each makeover, it’s getting better. In an effort to have some street cred for SXSW, I thought I’d nix the .wordpress part of my URL and […]

Mysterious vibrations

A colleague of mine, Nick, and I were emailing back and forth today and he asked me, mid-professional conversation, “do you ever get phantom phone vibrations? It has felt like my belt has been vibrating all day. Talk about annoying” And I was thinking, okay, I’m not the only one who is perpetually checking their phone […]

Dad switched gears three times in 50 years.

What will I be when I grow up?  Well, it’s almost time for me to make a choice.  When I think about where I am and where I’ll be in a year, 5 years, even 10, my mind does one of two things: shuts down or starts spinning with ideas. My dad always told me […]

Instant Gratification – Staying True to Gen Y Stereotypes

Extra, extra, read all about it!  Being obsessed with instant results is a part of being a card-holding member of Gen Y.  Critics of Gen Y, including this guy say we’re too lazy, we’re spoiled, we have a tremendous sense of entitlement and that we’re too self-centered.  Well, sure, I slept in until noon every […]

Turn down the Christmas music, please.

Penelope Trunk made a good point on her blog earlier this morning.  I commented, and my comment inspired me to elaborate on why Christmas at my “office” sucks. I’ll tell you what I hate about Christmas at my “office” (read: restaurant). I hate that one of my coworkers says “Merry Christmas” to guests as they […]