Being. Doing. Having: Unfiltered.

This weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Seattle and I never thought I’d come back with so much knowledge. One, if I ever leave Chicago (not likely, at least not anytime soon), I’m TOTALLY moving to Seattle. I could (and would) eat seafood every day and its all SO FREAKING FRESH there. And […]

Things Look Different

I told you this would happen. As I get more in tune with what I want the site to look like, I search and search and search for something that fits. And here we are. Don’t worry, it’s still me back here, I’m just giving a facelift. I’m testing this theme – what do […]

Free Chipotle Burrito When You Vote Tomorrow!

Chipotle Mexican Grill has partnered with Student Government to offer the first 500 voters at the Marshall Center a Free Burrito on Tuesday, March 10th. Polls open at 9 am. Yes, elections were held last week. This week there is a runoff. So you still have a chance to participate in the voting process. More […]

A Wee Bit Nervous…

We all know I’m pumped to graduate and get out in the work-force, hopefully as a paid employee doing what I love. We all know that I am doing a ridiculous amount of work to get myself to where I need to be after I walk across that stage. I’m terrified. I said it. I […]