I Love Skydiving. (dot org)

If you’re on Facebook and have any interest whatsoever in skydiving, chances are you “like” the I Love Skydiving page. If not, head (down) over there and like that shiz.

Now that we’ve all done that, let’s chat about how awesome I Love Skydiving is. Andrew created this super sweet blog to share awesome (and sometimes scary) videos and photos from all kinds of air sports. BASE? We got that. Skydiving? We got that. Swooping? Yup, we got that too. And that’s not all! There is tons of amazing happening over on the website (cross posted to the Facebook page as well as the Twitter feed).

So why the shameless promotion of Andrew’s brain child? Because now, some of the sweet blurbs to go with the videos will be written by yours truly! Yes! So awesome! I am beyond stoked to help Andrew with this project, and with super awesome chicks like Melanie Curtis (of highcomms.com) and Shannon Seyb (of Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports), I’m pretty sure this team will be unstoppable.

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