Buy a pen, help me fly.

This is the post where I shamelessly promote the Skydive Elsinore pens I’m selling in order to help fund my physical therapy so I can fly again.

Wait, what?

Right, so in December I was in a pretty sweet accident, resulting in a compression fracture in L1, and transverse/bilateral fractures in L2, L3 and L4. My lumbar vertebrae aren’t very happy with me. Fortunately, after a three day stay at the lovely “almost serious” ward at Inland Valley (check out my Yelp review for the skinny on that place), the hospital outfitted me with a super sweet turtle shell back brace for the low low price of $642.11 (after insurance knocked it down from $3,568 and change).

So back to the pens, right. I know, $1 per pen sounds absolutely ass crazy, but, when you think about it, the proceeds go to yours truly and after I rock the everliving shit out of physical therapy, then I can start jumping out of planes again.

Seriously? They’re amazing.

Now, I know what you may be thinking: “Why the fuck should I buy a pen when I know that skydiving is dangerous? It’s like I’m endorsing Sydney’s crazy ass decisions.” And I get it. But I will argue this: really, you’re helping me dream again. Because when the only thing you want to do in this whole world is what you can’t do because you’re ground-bound for six months, and all you do for a living is plan ridiculously awesome events that you can’t even fully participate in… well, your happy cup starts to get bone fucking dry. And we all know how important it is to keep the happy cup full. Perhaps you’re part of a book club, and that fills up your happy cup. Or maybe you’re really bendy and you like yoga. Or maybe you rock your socks off in the kitchen on a regular basis.

Here’s what I got: I can promise you that if you ever get into a serious accident, and are struggling to find ways to get back to your passions, and you sell crazy ass pens for $1 each, even $2 each, I will buy them. Lots of them. Wanna know why? Because this shit comes full-circle.

Check it out: my boyfriend had neck surgery and was out for six months. I threw a fundraiser for him. Raised like $3,000 so he had some change to live off of while he wasn’t jumping out of airplanes. One of the gals, Missy, donated $100 for the chance to win a new rig. Then I didn’t think I was going to sell enough of the $100 tickets to raffle off the rig and I thought I’d have to refund everyone their money because I just couldn’t get enough people to buy the tickets to break even on the thing. Then she donated $100 more and said that even if we had to cancel the drawing, to keep the money. That she wanted to support the cause. And no shit, guess who won that raffle? Missy did.

Guess who was the first person to send a check for pens? Missy. She is amazing and I love her and I can’t even stand how much good karma she is putting out into this world.

I gotta give mad thanks to everyone who has already thrown down on some sweet pen action: Missy, Crystal, John, Will, Julie, Candice (FROM THE MF’ING UK PEEPS), KC, Spot, Dean, Yong, Jenny, Tom, Adrian, Sarah, Angie, James, Betty, and a handful of random tandem students that saw the ridiculous flyers and bought one – I thank you. Seriously. You guys rock my socks. And if I forgot anyone, forgive me!

So how can you help? Visit Learn a little bit about the accident, why I’m selling them, and you can clicky right there on the button. And if for some reason you don’t really want pens but you do want to contribute, just make note of that so I don’t come stalking you for your address to send the pens that you don’t want.

Can I be done with the shameless promotion now? Okay great.

*Super sweet fangirl shot of me and Trent, the first responder to my accident. He was the paramedic on the fire truck that was leaving the motorcross track and swooped over and saved my life. Okay so I wasn’t like borderline dead or anything, but he didn’t cut my gear off of me and for that, I thank him.


  • Missy Keough

    I have to share the little story about the $100 towards your bills ‘n stuff :)
    SO…last weekend we went to the casino in Green Bay, WI (mainly because my husband was driving me up the wall, as he usually does this time of year). I dawdled around the crazy ass busy casino with no other goal than getting my husband at a blackjack table and out of my hair, then I would hit the bar. Turns out it was so totally busy there were no tables open for him. AARGH!!
    After an hour of walking around and becoming more frustrated, I FINALLY pushed him into an empty seat at a table and I turned my frown upside down and said “Hit the slots. Any $$ extra winnings will be donated to Sydney’s bill fund. YES! That is what I shall do.” After an hour and a couple drinks later, I was failing at this task. I texted Sydney to let her know that I was trying and she said “Fail or no fail, I love your face” (or something like that). Not 10 minutes after I texted her…BAM. $152.50 on the slot machine, therefore giving me $97.50 in winnings which went right into the donation fund.
    Just sayin’ that Karma is completely real people. If you set out to do the right thing, you’ll win every damn time.

  • Sydney Owen

    Totally glad you told the story because I probably would have botched it. LOVE YOU GIRL!