Roasted Artichokes with Copious Amounts of Garlic

It’s amazing to me how much food I take pictures of. Some of it is stuff I make, some of it is stuff from restaurants, but what surprises me even more, is how much I don’t take pictures of because I’m too busy stuffing my face with deliciousness.

So, in an effort to actually follow through on the whole “writing about food more often” thing, I have made an effort to take pictures of the process. Sometimes I skip steps. Sometimes I only get pics of the finished product. Sometimes, well, it just doesn’t make it, and in that case, I probably won’t share it.

I’m just getting started, so be easy on me. I’m taking pics with my iPhone, I don’t know much about lighting, and sometimes some of this may look like a disaster. But, let’s party.

First up: roasted artichokes with a copious amount of garlic. The original recipe called for one clove in each artichoke. I did three. And I could have done more, because the garlic is so delightful once it’s all roasted up and silky and, yes. THAT.



  • Butch Connelly

    does copious = shit ton?

  • Sydney Owen

    Yes, yes it does. Metric ass ton, as well. 

  • Patrick Chaupham

    Prep = 10mins. Cook = 1:15. Space time continuous vortex = 5mins. #imasianandgoodatmaths. :)

  • Patrick Chaupham

    test comment (sydney, feel free to delete, using this box to show someone something …)

  • Butch Connelly

    that’s a good one also.