Aaaaaand I’m in the arena.

I mentioned on Thursday that I had an idea I was sitting on for Planet Green Socks and today, it’s all kinds of out there for the world to read, and judge, and SEE.

And in all reality – isn’t that the fear behind a lot of what we do or don’t do? The fact that if we put ourselves out there (in whatever form), that people will SEE us? Being seen can be terrifying, especially if we’re baring our souls as we are putting our work out there in the world. Something that is truly, uniquely, 100% ours. For me, especially when it’s something I’ve never done before, my stomach ties up in knots just thinking about it. So today, I’m powering through the tummy-ache and seeing what waits on the other side.

Back to the idea I had.

When we were doing events earlier this year, I was high on life. People were having a blast, learning a ton, there were high fives all around, and in general – we were killin’ it. It really was awesome. But there was something inside of me that was dreaming bigger. What would happen if EVERYONE everywhere had a chance to feel like that at a skydiving event? Sure, there’s something to be said for a certain combination of coaches and participants and particular DZs. But who’s to say that it had to be limited to one DZ at a time, 15-25 jumpers at a time? I wanted to reach more people. How could I do that?

I had originally intended to take the events we were putting together on tour around the country (and totally open to international opportunities as well). That was the plan. But even still, that’s one DZ at a time. I wanted to help more people, faster.

I’m not standing up on some pedestal saying YOU ALL NEED FIXING. I am down here on the ground, a resource for anyone who needs a hand, and together we can change the way the skydiving industry approaches events. I’ll show you how to approach events like a professional event planner.

So I put together How to Plan a Skydiving Event. I am literally pouring all of my knowledge into this guide, because I know the methods work. I want everyone to be able to have the tools (and tools = confidence) to put on the most epic skydiving event of all time.

Starting today, I’m offering a sneak peek at the guide before it is released. You can get your sneak peek by clicking here. There’s a lot of info on the website, and the sneak peek dives into the content of the book deeper before I release it on August 3rd. Go check it out. Let me know what you think.

I’m getting off of the Struggle Bus.

If there is one thing I’ve learned since launching Planet Green Socks at the end of last year, it’s this: SHIT IS ALWAYS CHANGING. In business and in life – the only constant is change.

I’ve shared a bunch of the insights and happenings since we clicked “publish” on December 29, but there has been some stuff I’ve left out as well.

In the interest of time, I’ll recap what’s happened since then, in a bulleted list for your reading pleasure:

  • We successfully executed three events, all of which were a slot or two away from being completely sold out. Ego = fed. I can do this on my own. People are having a fucking blast.
  • I signed up for Boss School with PGS as a functioning (haha) company, with a plan, money coming in, but in desperate need of help on how to do shit the right way
  • What I got instead, was the first five weeks of Boss School completely mindfucking me, making me realize that there is a LOT of stuff I want to do on this planet, and not a whole lot of it has anything to do with skydiving events
  • After the last event we did on the road, I realized I don’t really like the idea of traveling all over without Barry and/or the dogs – thus negating my original plan of taking these events all around the country
  • I sat down with some of the gals in Boss School and did the math on how much work I was doing, how much time I was spending, and realized that I was averaging about $5/hour per event. That’s fucking stupid.
  • I purposely didn’t schedule any events after Adam’s memorial. I wanted to see how I felt, where my head was at, and really give myself some time to reflect on whether or not I wanted to keep this shit going. I knew I needed space to feel this out and sort through it, so I stopped my progress with Boss School. After all, if I didn’t even know if skydiving events were what I wanted to do, there’s no point in taking PGS as it exists through the program. Total pause on anything professionally-driven.
  • The week before Adam’s memorial, Jim died. Minutes after we released Adam’s ashes into the sky, we got word about Graham. Six days after Adam’s memorial, Tom died. HOW AM I STILL BREATHING? IS THIS REAL LIFE? WHEN DO I WAKE UP FROM THIS SHITSHOW?
  • CUE MAJOR MELTDOWN: Showering regularly is an issue. Brushing my teeth regularly is an issue. I’m a fucking zombie, and I’m pretty much giving everyone the cold shoulder except for Barry, the dogs, my family, and one or two close friends. I am completely stuck with what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. All I can think about, for about three weeks, is “is this the last day I am on this planet? What if something happens to Barry?”
  • New mission: do all the cool shit with Barry all the time because this could literally all be over tomorrow. I want to get fired up, do awesome work, travel the world, hike the PCT, eat all the food, drink all the drinks, EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING.
  • June 13-14: I volunteered at Live Bigz at Oceanside, and spent some quality time connecting souls with Alana. I see a tiny pinhole of light at the end of this godforsaken tunnel I’ve been in. Alana is an actual angel walking the same ground we walk on. This is a fact.
  • PANIC ATTACK: It’s been a hot minute since I did anything that wasn’t for free, apply for a “real job” at Stone Brewing Company.
  • A week ago, I woke up and actually felt like shit was possible. And I maximized those hours. I listened to a webinar from a woman I wildly admire. I called a couple prospects for consulting work. Caught up with an old friend and threw some stuff out there about how to dominate the world. I got a rejection email from Stone and was literally DANCING in the living room about not getting it, because I know that’s not what I want, but was scared about the idea of not wanting that. Last Thursday is what made me realize that the last 6-8 weeks had been a total blur of fatigue, not feeling human, and being really, really, really sad. I didn’t even recognize I was like that until I wasn’t. Scary shit.
  • Last Friday: Address the fact that I’ve been giving people the cold shoulder. Explain why. Make amends. Hug it out. Get excited for the weekend.
  • I have an awesome weekend at the DZ. Not working. Not jumping. I haven’t done that since my first summer at CSC – I’ve been working in the sport since I had 75 jumps. For the first time in almost five years, I was there with no real agenda except to fire up the grill on Saturday and feed people after the Poker Run festivities. Lots of food. Lots of rum. HOLY CRAP THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE SOCIAL. WHOOOOOA.
  • Monday: Spend some quality time with a good friend of mine, running errands, catching up, handling shit. For the past six months, with the exception of random office hours, event weekends, and picking up Barry at the DZ, I’ve pretty much been at home, by myself, reading, writing, crying, screaming, and doing all the grieving that I distracted myself from in 2014. Went out for a bit in the afternoon trying to keep the social activity up from the weekend, but started feeling weird/exhausted/overwhelmed, so we came back home. Hibernation mode: engaged. Back in the hole I go.
  • Tuesday: still in the hole. Talk to mom for an hour and a half about the hole and how it sucks and cry on Facetime. Wish I was home for mom snuggles (yes, I’m 30 and mom snuggles are still a thing). Get the low down from Mom about what I should do with my life – not specific instructions, but recommendations, reminders of what I’m good at and how those things can help people.
  • Yesterday: Pop out of the hole for a vet visit for Jezebel. She needs knee surgery. Authorize surgery estimate – freak out. I went out and made it home and I’m still breathing, so let’s get ballsy. Hop on a Boss School mentor call. It’s about money, and banks, and getting outside financing for a business. The list of qualifications for a business loan is a sweet reminder of the financial hiccups I’ve had (THANK YOU STUDENT LOANS), and back in the hole I go.
  • Yesterday, 8:00 PM. Talk with two gals from Boss School. Realize I’m not alone. Talk about where I’m at. Further confirmation I’m not alone. Dream about what I actually want to do outside of the skydiving industry/marketing world and why I’m scared to do it. Feel optimistically scatterbrained. Life is good.

And here we are. I’ve been sitting on an idea for Planet Green Socks, but I was scared. I didn’t want to be seen. I didn’t want to put a ton of effort into something only for the chance to be ridiculed. Laughed at. Talked about.

This morning, I woke up and said fuck it. I won’t know unless I try. And what if this idea actually helps people? What if they’re not ridiculing, laughing, or talking shit? Gotta put it out there. Be vulnerable. See what happens.

On Monday, I’m launching the next chapter for what I’m doing with Planet Green Socks as it pertains to skydiving events. We’ll talk more about that on Monday, but the fact that I’ve been up to my eyeballs in website edits for the last four hours makes me feel like I’m actually doing something. And that feels nice.


Meet the Boss Ladies: Sang Thi Duong

In the “Meet the Boss Ladies” series, I’m introducing you to some of the epic women I’ve had the chance to connect with while going through the Hello Fearless Boss School program. These women are all badass mamajammas and are poised to change the world with their insane gifts and talents.
Last week, we introduced you to:
  • Molly, a PR professional in San Diego
  • A serendipitous life coach from Omaha, Katie
  • A sweet Texan with a mission to change the boardroom, Aprill
  • A coach from the DUUURTY SOUTH who coaches people from Perfectionism to Progress, Jess
  • Shannon, an accountant who can translate the messy financial stuff into an easy-to-understand dialogue.

When I was on the fence about joining Boss School, Hello Fearless released a video with testimonials from some of the gals who went through the first round. Today’s featured Boss Lady was one of the women who’s testimonials sold me on the program. True story.


This is Sang, she’s lives in Kansas City but will always be a Texas girl. Sang wants to live in a world where single moms are happy and frolicking in their greatness. She is building an academy for single moms to do just that.

Currently she runs a communication boutique, ghostwrites, and teaches writing courses on how to Create Your Happy Plan, write with intent, and share your story in a way you didn’t think was possible.

  • My website:
  • You can also find me on Instagram, Periscope (@MsSangD), and Pinterest.
  • Create YOUR Happy Plan: A small intimate cozy one-day workshop that will show you step-by-step how to release unhappy thoughts and things. And live happily.
  • Compose Yourself: A mini writing course for anyone who has a story to tell, an experience to share, advice to give, or just want to write until their heart is clear of clutter.
  • Stuck Naming your “thing”: Don’t fret, this name storming process has you covered.
  • The Single Mother Academy is a community to inspire, educate and empower single mothers to build the life they love. We talk about the truths of single motherhood and how you CAN live the life you truly desire — yoga pants and all!
  • Fun fact(s) about Sang: I burn boiled eggs. I love my sleep. I have had 36 jobs. I played with Hot Wheels as a kid.
  • I am my own boss because my parents told me to graduate high school, go to college, get a job and live happily ever after. Well. That didn’t work out. I tried and it didn’t fit. So I decided to do my own thing and live my happily ever after and then some.
  • What you’re most looking forward to in your business? Changing the lives of single mothers one day at a time.
  • Something I need help with is: My fitness and overall health. My mother passed away when she was 45 and I get all paranoid about not living a healthy lifestyle.

Sidebar – the questions I send include “why do you want to be your own boss?” Sang sent me her answers with I AM MY OWN BOSS instead. Small change, but huge impact. I’m kind of obsessed with everything Sang is about and I think if you dive into her links above, you’ll be on the We Love Sang train as well. Definitely check out what she’s working on – there’s a little bit of something for everyone!

Meet the Boss Ladies: Shannon Brunning

In the “Meet the Boss Ladies” series, I’m introducing you to some of the epic women I’ve had the chance to connect with while going through the Hello Fearless Boss School program. These women are all badass mamajammas and are poised to change the world with their insane gifts and talents.
Monday, we introduced you to Molly, a PR professional in San Diego. Tuesday, a serendipitous life coach from Omaha, Katie. Wednesday, a sweet Texan with a mission to change the boardroom, Aprill. Yesterday, we met coach from the DUUURTY SOUTH who coaches people from Perfectionism to Progress, Jess.
Today we meet Shannon. She’s from Lethbridge, Alberta Canada, and she’s a Chartered Accountant. She geeks on numbers with pride, and she’s been an instrumental piece of the Business Puzzle for a lot of the women going through Boss School right now.
  • My Website:
  • My Facebook page:
  • Fun Fact about Shannon: I was a competitive sprinter in university, winning gold at nationals for the 4x200m relay. I think that being involved in sports for so long is a contributing factor to wanting to obtain success in my business.
  • Why do you want to be your own boss?  I want to be in charge of my own success and I’m tired of being the one in the background doing all the work and getting none of the credit. I want to be in control of how I spend my time and be able to take a day off every once and awhile on my own terms.
  • What are you most looking forward to in your business/life? I’m looking forward to showing entrepreneurs that handling your business financials does not have to be scary or hard. Whether they do it themselves or hire me to do it the process can be easier than what the current perception is.
  • Is there anything you need help with? I need help with marketing and putting my name out there to attract new clients.  As a shy introvert, putting myself out there has been out of my comfort zone these past couple of months but well worth it.

If numbers scare you, definitely reach out to Shannon. She speaks the language of accounting fluently and can help translate all of the messy stuff!


Meet the Boss Ladies: Jess M. Sells

I was thinking this would be a week long, but there are a TON of rad chicks to introduce you to, so for however long this goes, I’ll be featuring some of the epic women I’ve had the chance to connect with while going through the Hello Fearless Boss School program. These women are all badass mamajammas and are poised to change the world with their insane gifts and talents.

Monday, we introduced you to Molly, a PR professional in San Diego. Tuesday, a serendipitous life coach from Omaha, Katie. Yesterday, a sweet Texan with a mission to change the boardroom, Aprill. Today, meet Jess.

In Boss School, we have weekly calls with a smaller group of women, called Sister Circles. Jess is in my sister circle, and when she hops on the phone, sometimes her southern belle accent is strong, sometimes it’s just normal. But this gorgeous, fearless, incredible coach hails from the DUUUURTY SOUTH and to me, maaaaaan, she’s flawless. I cannot say enough amazing things about Jess’s vulnerability, strength, and willingness to share with the group. She gives all of us permission to do the same, and I know my experience through Boss School has been that much better because of her.

Why is all of that important? Because this gal has gone through it. She’s going through it. Whatever IT is, she’s been there, she IS there. And the fact that she’s not afraid to talk about it, to show the messy parts, is what makes her coaching valuable. In an industry (life coaching) where there are TONS of people available to work with, there’s a lot of MY LIFE IS FUCKING AWESOME AND YOURS CAN BE TOO, without enough of the “this what I struggle with and this is how my life got to be awesome”-relatable bit. Real is relatable. Jess is real as fuck.

  • My website:
  • My course: “From Perfectionism to
  • Facebook group: (brand spankin’ new & shiny – join us!)
  • I’m social @jessmsells
  • Fun facts about Jess: I thought I wanted to join the CIA…but I became a journalist instead. I worked in TV for almost a decade, but I’m still camera shy. People tell me I look like a teenager, but I actually have one. I went to a residential high school for the performing arts (think Fame minus the dancing on tables). Proud human of two rescue pits and an ornery old cat. Hippie at heart but my superhero wears a badge and Kevlar. I make a mean bowl of ramen and can read for days. I’m a badass friend and you definitely want to know me.
  • Why do you want to be your own boss? I have issues with authority and I need to be in control of my own life.
  • What are you most looking forward to in your business & life? All of the freedom, laughter, love, and adventure I can find. That’s pretty much the perfect mix.
  • Is there anything you need help with? Getting up in the morning & turning off Netflix at night. I’m sure there’s absolutely no correlation between the two. Seriously though, I do need help with bookkeeping & taxes, and I’m looking forward to hiring a VA in the next month or two.

If you struggle with perfectionism in particular, definitely check out Jess’s course – Perfectionism to Progress. If you want to see what she’s all about, and if she can help you out – hit her up! Seriously. Just do it.